Naomi N Hardy

A very brief BIO

In 1938 I was born in Winter Haven, Florida. The first 20 years of my life were spent growing up in Central Florida in a safe and beautiful little town. My teen-age years were very typical 50’s era “stuff.”

I have been so blessed to spend most of the rest of my life in Brevard County. I have watched the space industry grow, shrink, grow, and shrink again – almost like it is breathing! I’ve watched, heard, and felt almost all of the rockets and missiles fly from our shores.

I have always loved cameras and photography (my first job was in a photography studio), but got somewhat side-tracked for the next 40 years raising six wonderful children.

I have loved seeing, experiencing, and photographing God’s incredible world! I’ve jumped at every opportunity to travel that has come my way. Here are some of my very grandest adventures:

I’ve climbed all over and under the Radio Telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

I’ve driven a nuclear-powered submarine. Stood tall and proud on her afterdeck as she sailed out the St. Mary’s River, and watched her launch her first missile from the deck of another ship!

I’ve climbed the crevasses in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, wandered across the Mesa’s, and explored the Great Houses.

Crisscrossing here and there – I’ve been in about 3/4ths of the states in this amazing United States, and have visited many of the National Parks in my “travel pathway.”

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I climbed up on top of a Chinook Helicopter. Stood, sat, and then wondered how in the world I was going to get down without killing myself in a fall! I stayed on top as long as they would let me!

At age 75, I have successfully researched the ins and outs of starting a photography business. I have captured thousands of images in my mind and with my camera and I hope to sell them to you! You see, I still work. My goal is to see if I can replace my “Temp Work” with my full time love of all things, camera!

I am also learning how to create this web page, with the help and encouragement of those amazing grown up children of mine!

My most available items to “show and sell” are the photos of my birds. Please, enjoy looking at them and keep coming back to look for more.

Thank You,